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Why Our GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition at Tampines, Bedok, Bishan and Singapore aims to prepare your child for A Level examination by using proven methods that our GP tutors have perfected over years. Our programme features concise notes and timed class practices that have enabled our students to attain grade A at the GCE A Level General Paper examinations.

How our GP Tuition prepares your child?

The objective of our GP Tuition programme is to prepare your child not only for the examinations, but also to become critical thinkers, eloquent writers and knowledgeable learners. Our GP Tuition classes will maximise your child’s potential to get A for General Paper.

GP Tuition

We teach your child to explore dynamic issues

GP is a subject which can be tested in many different ways. Hence in order to properly prepare your child for the A Levels, we recognise the need to help your child be more aware of issues in today’s world, and help them form their own opinions about them.

GP Tuition

We teach your child to write eloquently

Our GP tuition programme strives to teach your child to master the A Level General Paper by having classes focused on essay writing and comprehension skills development. To teach your child to write eloquently, we teach your child to organise an essay to form coherent and persuasive arguments.

GP Tuition

We teach your child to think critically

Our GP tuition programme encourages your child to dig deeper into social issues because GP is about forming opinions and links between social issues when presented an idea. Hence we will help your child by having in-class discussions so that your child is encouraged to think more deeply, with the guidance of our tutors.

Hear from our students who have benefited from our GP Tuition

Read more and be inspired by the personal experiences of students who have learnt much from our exam-driven GP Tuition programmes. We are glad to share these amazing achievements as they have done their best and attained success at the A Level General Paper examinations. Sign up for our GP Tuition and embark on an enriching experience together!

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