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Class Schedule for our GP Tuition

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Our GP Tuition at Tampines, Bedok, Bishan and Singapore are 2-hours long and once a week to ensure that your child receives sufficient practice. The GP Tutors will provide close guidance to support the refinement of comprehension and essay writing skills. During the school holidays, to maximise the time, we have two 2-hour classes, with a 30-minute break in between every week so that students can improve their writing skills.

GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition

View the class schedule displayed below to find out more about the time-slots available for enrolment. Since students may not have enough time to do extra compulsory tuition homework, we conduct our classes such that we cover content and skills building in the first part of the lesson, and have your child complete comprehensions or essays during the second part so that they can put to practice what they have learned immediately to strengthen their concepts and raise any doubts they have regarding what they learnt.

Class Schedule

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