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Our GP Tuition at Tampines, Bedok, Bishan and Singapore not only pushes our student to excel for the A Levels GP examination, but also shapes our student to become better thinkers, analytical learners, skillful writers. By doing so, our GP Tutors will improve the students’ linguistic intelligence. We believe in guiding students to become more aware and opinionated about current affairs locally and internationally.

Why Join Our GP Tuition

We recognize that excelling the A Levels is the ultimate goal for all our students. Our primary objective is to help your child improve in their writing and understanding of the language as well as world events which can be critical to differentiate between the average and excellent student. In this section, you can learn more about the three major features that will realise your child’s learning potential.

We teach your child to be academic pundits

We structure our classes such that your child will be able to understand the examination requirements and so will be able to reach all the points needed to get the maximum marks.

We teach your child to be mature thinkers

We believe that GP is a subject where as much as skills matter, having opinions and thoughts on topics matter even more because in AQ answering, students are expected to agree or disagree with the author’s stand.

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We teach your child to be linguistic perfectionists

In GP, language is marked strictly. Hence in order for students to be able to get more marks, their language has to be good. Thus, we aim to help your child better their english.

How we teach GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition programme focuses on developing a sense of awareness towards global affairs, both past and present, and inculcating a meticulous mindset to answer essay and comprehension questions well. Our GP programme adopts a progressive learning approach to match the students’ capability level. We believe that this promotes a faster learning development as students are stretch beyond their comfort zones but not stressed immensely. This is made possible with our tri-focus on global exposure, Comprehension techniques and Essay-Writing skills through our own curriculum refinement.

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Engaging exposure to global affairs

Our tutors seek to engage our students’ exposure to global affairs through discussion on latest news, debate on historical facts and development on our informative notes. These knowledge cumulations translate to a definitive mindset which benefits the students immensely.

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Developing advanced answering techniques for Comprehension

JC GP Tuition also assist students in their Comprehension developmental stages and obtain advanced answering techniques to tackle the Comprehension component more effectively. This includes short-answer questions, summary and application questions, all of which require meticulous answering in order to secure the A mark.

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Implementing persuasive and articulate essay writing skills

Students will learn the flexible techniques to implement an articulate yet persuasive form of writing in their essays through our Skills Development Lessons and Workshops. Such a learning approach will strengthen the core of our students’ writing which builds prolific writing in future endeavours at the university or even work levels.

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