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Join our GP Tuition at Tampines, Bedok, Bishan and Singapore to comprehend GP issues and raise your writing proficiency to ace the A Level General Paper examinations. Explore different GP issues, like Environment, Science and Technology, Education and Culture, through class discussions. Our GP Tuition programme utilises a vast pool of well-researched education data to support students in developing a clear comprehension of global affairs and passage analysis. This aligns with our teaching agenda of nurturing technically-strong students who can engage in independent thinking and execute insightful analysis.

What’s New: GP Tuition on Environment

Join us in finding out the impact environment has on us individuals.

Explore with us how environment impacts us individuals. We will be examining the different perspectives to expand your knowledge on the latest topics that are analysed and discussed on. Through our informative learning approach, we will help you maximise your knowledge to answer GP Comprehension and Essay questions effectively, thus aceing at the A Level General Paper examination.

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What's New for our GP Tuition

Enrol in our GP Tuition to analyze GP issues carefully to understand its impacts on individuals, organizations, societies and even countries. Delve into a featured GP issue by watching carefully selected educational videos and reading short essay write-ups. Additionally, you can express your personal views at our Discussion Board to apply what you have learnt.

GP Tuition on Education

Examine the impacts of Education on individual, social, psychological and economic perspectives to recognise its importance. Explore the effects of education at our various learning portals to view the educational videos, read the short GP model essays and express your views at our Discussion Board.

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Why Join Our GP Tuition

We recognize that excelling the A Levels is the ultimate goal for all our students. Our primary objective is to help your child improve in their writing and understanding of the language as well as world events which can be critical to differentiate between the average and excellent student. In this section, you can learn more about the three major features that will realise your child’s learning potential.

GP Tuition

How we teach GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition programme focuses on developing a sense of awareness towards global affairs, both past and present, and inculcating a meticulous mindset to answer essay and comprehension questions well. Our GP programme adopts a progressive learning approach to match the students’ capability level. We believe that this promotes a faster learning development as students are stretch beyond their comfort zones but not stressed immensely. This is made possible with our tri-focus on global exposure, Comprehension techniques and Essay-Writing skills through our own curriculum refinement.

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